Customer: A person registered to make payment using the website.

Fees: The charges assessed by merchants which may or may not include tuition, field trip fees, meallunch fees, tutoring fees, registration fees, early withdrawal fees, reservation fees, returned checkque charges, and late fees.

Merchants: Companies that accept customer payments on the payment portal.

Fees and Payments

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all fees are paid timely to Merchants that provide goods or services to the Customer. Fees are due in accordance with the Merchant’s own payment policies.

All payments made through will be processed in the currency that is accepted in the country where the Merchant resides. Payments made by Customers receiving goods or services in the United Kingdom will be processed in GBP. Payments made by Customers receiving goods or services in the United States will be processed in USD.

The Customer will be notified by the Merchant via the website of any outstanding payments. The Customer will be able to see all previous invoices and payments that were made. In the event that the Customer feels an incorrect payment request has been issued you are to contact does not ever directly hold funds on behalf of the Merchants. simply facilitates the payment. does not store the Customers card details as per PCI guidelines.


Customers will be refunded within 1-3 working days from notification that a refund is required. Refunds will be sent to the card that the original transaction was processed. In the event that the original card is no longer a valid card then the Customer must register on their account a new card to be used. All credits made to a credit, debit, or bank account used by the Customer will be made using the same form of currency that was used at the time Fees were paid.

Payments made by Customers receiving goods or services in the United Kingdom will be processed and, if appropriate, refunded, in GBP. Payments made by Customers receiving goods or services in the United States will be processed, and if appropriate, refunded in USD.

Failure to Pay

Customers may or may not be charged a late payment penalty and other fees if Fee payments are not made timely or if Fee payments cannot be processed when due. The Merchant’s own payment policies will govern these charges. Charges assessed by the Merchant can be paid using PayMyChildcare, Ltd. is not responsible for determining when such charges should be assessed or how much such charges should be.


All payments details that Customers enter on are encrypted using industry standard 128 bit encryption. The Customers card details are never stored on the system. operates to the card industry PCI standards and is scanned regularly by a third party to ensure the system is not open to hacking.

PayMyChildcare, Ltd. is not liable for any failure by the Customer or third party making payment of Fees to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such other persons, during the online payment process or with respect to any part of the online payment experience. will not pass any Consumer data or Merchant Data onto any third party unless for the purpose of processing payments. uses a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and the Merchants Acquiring Bank in order to process payments.

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Availablility of Website

PayMyChildcare, Ltd. will use reasonable efforts to ensure the availability of and that transactions processed are error free. However, due to the nature of the Internet it is not technically possible for PayMyChildcare, Ltd. to provide a completely fault free service and PayMyChildcare, Ltd. provides no guarantee or warranties express or implied as to the availability, quality, or reliability of access to this site.

PayMyChildcare, Ltd. reserves the right to suspend or cancel the or refuse access to it immediately without notice in order to maintain, repair, or upgrade as long as necessary. We will make all reasonable efforts to notify Merchants and Customers, in advance, of routine maintenance.